2 Santa Barbara Artists You Need to Know About

Planning a trip can be so stressful. Let’s take it easy, okay? Let’s see some art, or at least think about it. Ponder it a little. You know you could also always just get dinner and drinks, if you don’t have it in you to hit up the galleries tonight.

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No Brooklynites in this bunch. Not even any NYC ex-pats. Here are three Santa Barbara artists to check out if you can.

Joan Rosenberg-Dent.

Unfoldings | Porcelain 22″x 22″ X 2.5″ Light Gatherers Series #lightgatherers #contemporaryart #porcelain #sculpture

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Primarily working in mixed three-dimensional media, Rosenberg-Dent’s art takes unpretentious shapes to an ethereal and elegant level. The sculptures appear to be everyday materials, often imitating everyday objects, illuminated in innovative and beautiful ways.

“Discarded Concepts”

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When a trashcan becomes art. And somehow, it’s so satisfying to look at. It even looks soft. But please don’t touch the art, friends.

Syncopation #2 | Porcelain 10.5″ x 15″ x 2″ Inspired by Twyla #twylatharp #porcelain #dancer #contemporaryart #sculpture

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Askew #2 | Porcelain, Canvas, Ink & Thread 11″ x 14″ Wall Pieces #wallpieces #mixedmedia #porcelain #contemporaryart

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Works in Progress

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Richard Ross.

Photography by Richard Ross, from “Juvie Lifers” series.

Richard Ross is a photographer who has extensively photographed prisoners and juvenile inmates. His images are striking in their honesty and compassion. Ross has also played around with other forms of portraiture. Another series looks like a West Coast, pre-True Detective vision. His art reaches some of the most interesting and extreme corners of American life.

“Set of Law and Order | New York 2006,” by Richard Ross.

So, get thee to a gallery (or a museum)! And we’re always taking recommendations, too. See you in SB!

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