Our Guide to Winter Beach Day Activities

As the weather gets cooler (well, cooler for Santa Barbara), you might not want to spend your beach days jumping in the waves. But it’s still a great idea to enjoy the beach whenever you’re here, so we put together our guide to winter beach day activities. These activities are the perfect way to have fun on the beach when it’s a little cooler outside.

Read a book

One of our favorite beach activities–no matter the season–is reading on the beach. But this is especially perfect in the winter. As the weather gets a little cooler, you can lounge in a chair on the sand and crack open a good book.

Build a sandcastle

Just because you don’t want to play in the water doesn’t mean you can’t still play in the sand! Build an old-fashioned sandcastle while you’re in town and nurture your creative side. If you’re visiting with friends or family, you can up the stakes a little and even have a friendly competition to see who can construct the best castle. Or, if you want to get into the holiday spirit, build a sandman instead of snowman!

Have a picnic

Bring a picnic to the beach and enjoy the view! Pack some sandwiches, snacks, and drinks–or pick up takeout from a nearby restaurant–and dine on the beach. Take in the sights and sounds of a beautiful sunny beach day while you enjoy your food. And if you happen to want a nap after eating, the waves crashing ashore will lull you right to sleep.

Go surfing

So, this does require you to get in the water. But because winter is the best time of the year to surf in Santa Barbara, we highly recommend adding this to your list of winter beach day activities! Winter brings better tides to the beaches, and that combined with smaller crowds makes this an ideal time of year to surf.

Will you be visiting us this winter?

Enjoy these winter beach day activities and everything else Santa Barbara has to offer when you visit us this winter. And if you’re visiting us to enjoy the beach, stay at Marina Beach Motel. We’re only half a block from the beach, which means you’ll have easy access to the sand & waves each day of your stay.

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