5 Santa Barbara Instagram Accounts to Guide You Around Town

Whether you’re a native or just dreaming about your next getaway, let these photographers show you around Santa Barbara. Here are our favorite five Santa Barbara Instagram accounts that capture the best of our views, food, drinks, architecture, and more.

Blake Bronstad.

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Bronstad, a.k.a. “Poses Awkwardly,” knows how to photograph a sunset. He often plays off the lights of the city and the sun with the water, which feels very Drive or Blade Runner. Those colors are incredible. And we love it.

Visit Santa Barbara.

You have to trust the local tourism entity to run a gorgeous Instagram. They’re snapping everything from the bay to the beach, from brunch to late-night burgers. Most of the account is curated from visitors and other Santa Barbarans, so think of it as a collage of the “best of the best.”

Explore Santa Barbara.

“Carefully curated,” indeed. This time, however: this account is less a tourism bureau than an homage to the city of Santa Barbara.

KCRW Santa Barbara.

Our local NPR station doesn’t just cover the latest via radio. Follow KCRW to keep up with the latest news, interviews, and events in town.

Paul Greene.

Sharp rays of light pierce through Santa Barbara’s murky sea.

A post shared by Paul Greene (@paulgreene) on

A post shared by Paul Greene (@paulgreene) on

While he’s obviously got an eye for the waves, his whole account has a heart for Santa Barbara.

Bonus: Marina Beach Motel’s own Santa Barbara Instagram.

We’re posting food, we’re posting Marina Beach, and we’re (re-)posting you. What have you shared lately?

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