You’ll Fall for these Santa Barbara Waterfalls!

Santa Barbara is an area well known for its beautiful beaches. But did you know there’s another great way to enjoy the water? That’s right: waterfalls! Santa Barbara has a few of these hidden gems nearby, and you can take beautiful hiking trails to these falls!

Nojoqui Falls

The Nojoqui (pronounced na-hoo-ee) Falls are located just off Route 101. This scenic hike will take you around 20 minutes to complete, though if you want to spend time gazing at this Santa Barbara waterfall, pencil in some extra time!

Lewis Canyon Falls

Take this 1.1 mile hike to the Lewis Canyon Falls, featuring lush greenery and plenty of shade. Just half an hour from Santa Barbara, the trail is adventurous, but beginner hikers will still be able to enjoy the trip. And a bonus? You can bring your dog along with you!

Rose Valley Falls

The Rose Valley Falls are located in the Los Padres National Forest. The double waterfalls are an hour’s drive from Santa Barbara, but the sight is worth it! The lower falls are easily accessible to hikers, but reaching the top of the upper falls is best left to more experienced hikers.

Tangerine Falls

If you’re looking for a challenge, the trail to the Tangerine Falls is perfect for you! You’ll walk along a creek for the first half of the 2.2 mile trail before doing some moderate rock climbing. Though the trail is difficult, once you see the the stunning 100 ft. waterfall it will all be worth it!

San Ysidro Falls

The San Ysidro Falls stand 60 feet tall in the San Ysidro Canyon. If you’re looking to explore Santa Barbara Waterfalls, this is a great trail to add to your list! An 8.3 mile trail will lead you to these stunning falls. During the summer, deep pools pop up near the trail and are popular destinations as well.

Visiting Santa Barbara waterfalls

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