Featured Spot of the Week: Barbareno

t’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time to share our featured spot of the week! We do this every Wednesday to give our guests a kind of guide for what to do and see while they’re here. It also gives us a chance to show some love to our neighbors here in Santa Barbara. This week were featuring a delicious local restaurant called Barbareno.

“Barbareno” is the name of an extinct Native American language. Now, it’s a word synonymous with good food and a great atmosphere! The restaurant’s owners and founders, Julian Martinez and Jesse Gaddy are a couple of young professionals who built Barbareno from the ground up. They serve food that they refer to as “Central Coast Cuisine.”

It’s an upscale dining experience with a true California vibe to it. Their varied dishes are known to be as delicious as they are unique. The chefs take their inspiration from local ingredients and popular local cuisine to create dishes that are representative of the area.

One of the more popular dishes that Barbareno serves is their Oak Tagliatelle, which is served with acorn, oak-smoked veggies, and herbs. No matter what you order though, we guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

So next time you’re in Santa Barbara, be sure to check out Barbareno. And while you’re planning your trip, book a stay with us at Marina Beach Motel. At just 37 steps from the beach, we’re the best affordable place to stay in the area!