Late Night Restaurants in Santa Barbara

Whether it’s a burger, burrito, or heck, even sushi, we want you to have a good idea of where to grub when the late night munchies kick in. At Marina Beach Motel, we understand that feeling, so that’s why we compiled a list of the best late night restaurants in Santa Barbara.

It happens to the best of us; that late night craving for something delicious. We all know that feeling and we all know what we’re craving isn’t a salad. Usually it happens after a night out and a few drinks, that feeling of hunger creeps up and doesn’t go away until you satisfy that inner beast.

Here are the best late night restaurants in Santa Barbara


We know what you’re thinking, late night sushi, can that really be good? Trust us, Edomasa not only serves food late at night, but they’re doing so with high quality taste in mind. As they advertise on their website, they’re “Santa Barbara’s only late night sushi bar.” Serving only the freshest ingredients, Edomasa is one of the great late night restaurants in Santa Barbara for those seeking a unique experience.

The Blue Owl

Take what you know about sandwiches and throw that notion out the window. The Blue Owl is serving your classics with a serious twist while also adding some true originals in the mix. Open until 2:30am, this is a delight for those looking to awaken their taste buds. Offering patrons sandwiches like: Red Curry Shrimp Rolls, Kimchi Grilled Cheese, and much more, you’re bound to find something that excites. They even offer delectable entrees like an incredibly named “Guy Fieri Busts His Britches Burger.”

McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream

We understand that this list is supposed to be for late night restaurants in Santa Barbara, but we couldn’t leave out the sweet tooth connoisseurs as well. For those with a hankering for something sweet and cold, McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream is your go to late night spot. Serving scoops to the masses since 1949, this 70 year old establishment has been around a long time for a very good reason. The make their ice cream from scratch, delivering you sweet goodness with quality you can taste.

Milk & Honey

This restaurant and bar is your one stop shop to indulge in some great drinks while nibbling on some scrumptious tapas. With a great ambiance and an awesome patio, this place encourages good times. Their food varies from dish to dish, but their quality remains impeccable in each choice. They offer guests dishes like bacon wrapped dates, PB&J sliders, and even brussels sprouts that are packed with great flavor.

Mac n Cheese After Dark

The name says it all, right? Simply a window to order from, After Dark is the epitome of a late night restaurant in Santa Barbara. Well, restaurant might be a stretch, but the mac n cheese their pumping out is no joke. Located in the heart of downtown, this late night spot serves mac n cheese with added additions that warm the soul and complete a great night out.

No matter when and where you eat, the choices of late night restaurants in Santa Barbara are hard to choose from because they’re all so delicious!