MOXI Museum Santa Barbara: Embrace Curiosity!

The MOXI Museum Santa Barbara is all about fostering creativity. When you visit the MOXI Museum, you’ll be able to explore the world around you and discover things you never knew. This is a great place for people of all ages, from families with young kids to adults, to enjoy a fun day of exploration and creativity.

About the MOXI Museum Santa Barbara

The MOXI Museum first opened in 2013, but it was a dream for many years before then. Over 20 years ago, a group of dedicated volunteers had the idea to create an incredible museum in Santa Barbara that would inspire people to learn. Eventually, this became MOXI.

MOXI aims to teach people about the world around them through interactive learning. However, you won’t feel like you’re learning because you’ll be having so much fun! It inspires people of all ages to ask questions about the world around them, discover new things, and explore. Get in tough with your curious nature as you explore creativity and science.

This building is also the first LEED Gold certified museum in Santa Barbara county, which means it is environmentally friendly.

What kind of exhibits are at the MOXI Museum Santa Barbara?

At MOXI Museum Santa Barbara, you’ll find all kinds of exhibits! From art installations to interactive exhibits, to fun events and more, there’s always something to do at MOXI!

Art installations

There are many art installations at this museum that you can explore. Currently, the two main installations are The Algae Society, Vyome, and Women in Science. At The Algae Society, you’ll learn all about algae and how important it is to our planet in a fun, interactive way. Vyome will allow you to explore the connections with the natural and human worlds. You can even work with other visitors to see how nature can affect humans, and vice versa. Women in Science gives you the opportunity to explore portrait photographs and see the faces of incredible women in science, as well as learn more about their contributions to the scientific community.


If you want to host an event at MOXI, such as your wedding, you can rent out space in the museum to do so! You can also have your birthday party at MOXI, so you can celebrate your birthday in a fun new way.

Are you an adult who doesn’t want to share the museum space with children? Then consider attending one of the adult-only Afterparty at MOXI events where you can explore the museum with more adult-oriented activities. Enjoy special performances, interactive demos, games, and more!

MOXI @ Night is an annual party to celebrate MOXI’s dedication to their educational mission. Join MOXI for a night of food, drink, exploration, discovery, and more!


There are so many incredible interactive exhibits at the MOXI Museum Santa Barbara. All of these exhibits are interactive, so you can learn as you explore. You don’t have to just stand and look at something; you’ll be able to actually touch and move the exhibits, so learning becomes fun. Some of the current exhibits are:

  • Tech Track
  • Sound Track
  • Fantastic Forces Courtyard
  • Speed Track
  • Light Track
  • Interactive Media Track
  • Sky Garden

. . . and more!

Will you be exploring the MOXI Museum soon?

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