The Santa Barbara Film Festival: An Exciting Place For Students

The upcoming Santa Barbara International Film Festival is always an incredible experience, particularly for aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers. One of our favorite aspects of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival is how welcoming it is to students. They are the filmmakers of the future, after all. The SBIFF has some student programs in particular that stood out to us.

10-10-10 Student Screenwriting & Filmmaking Competition

This is by far the coolest student opportunity they offer at the SBIFF. The 10-10-10 stands for 10 days, 10 crews, and 10 films. It was started in 2004 to bring together budding screenwriters and filmmakers with seasoned professionals in a 10 day intensive filming session. Students apply with their best writing or their best filmmaking samples and if they are selected, they are mentored over the course of a few months, leading up to the film festival.

During the festival the selected students create 10 films over the course of 10 days. Then the films are analyzed and critiqued based on industry standards. It’s an exciting opportunity for aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers. It is open to currently enrolled Santa Barbara high school and college students.

Mike’s Field Trip to the Movies

This is a program dedicated to the education of roughly 4,000 fifth and sixth graders from Santa Barbara County during an all-day program at the festival. It is aimed at showing children the art and effort that goes into filmmaking. There is also an emphasis in diversity and creativity.

The best part of all this though, is the fact that the SBIFF is dedicated to serving low-income communities as well, providing free bus rides children from these areas.

Student Film Studies Program

This is a 3 day symposium for undergraduate college students from all over the U.S. The SBIFF accepts applications for this program every year. Students are required to submit a letter of intent, their transcripts, and fill out the application.

These students get exclusive looks at new films and can hear talks from renowned filmmakers, as well as take part in discussions about filmmaking. They even get overnight accommodations!

We greatly admire the SBIFF for its dedication to students. They recognize that films are more than just a form of entertainment, they’re a lens through which we view the world. And instilling this passion in the students of today is the best possible way they can continue their legacy of quality films that enrich people’s lives.

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival has been going on for 31 years and its 31st celebration isn’t one to be missed, regardless of whether you’re studying filmmaking or simply enjoy the art form. The festival runs from February 3rd-13th this year and is sure to be an incredible experience for all who attend. And after along day of film-watching, we encourage you to rest your head right here at Marina Beach Motel.