Why You Should Travel with Your Dog

Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, but they’re less so when you have to leave your dog at home. And doesn’t Fido deserve a little break, too? If you’re on the fence, here are some reasons why you should take your dog on vacation with you to Santa Barbara.

It’s cheaper

Paying to keep your dog in a boarding facility (or even to have someone check in at your home and walk them) can be extremely expensive, and this cost is only added onto the price of the vacation you’re taking. But, if you take your dog with you, you can spend all that money at one of the unique little shops on Stearn’s Wharf.

It’s less stressful

Dogs often experience separation anxiety when their owners take vacations. When you leave for a lengthy period of time, it’s stressful for the dog because they have no idea when or if you’re coming back. Not to mention the fact that it’s stressful for you, worrying about your dog and how he’s doing while you’re gone. So eliminate this problem altogether by just bringing him with!

It’s fun

Practicality aside, it’s more fun to travel with your dog! You get to see their wagging tail every day and experience Santa Barbara’s gorgeous scenery with your best pal. What better way to enjoy your time off?

It’s great for meeting people

If you’re spending time in a new city, even in sunny Santa Barbara, you can get bored or lonely on your own. Walking around with a cute dog is a pretty great way to meet people. It makes you appear approachable and offers an easy conversation starter. Plus, people who are drawn to dogs are usually good people, so it practically guarantees that you’ll make friends.

It keeps you active

When you’re on vacation, it’s easy to fall into lazy habits because all you want to do during your time off is relax. But then when the vacation is over, you’ll look back and realize all you did was sit around and eat. If you have your dog with you though, you’ll be forced to get out and do things, like visiting some of Santa Barbara’s dog-friendly spots.

Big or small, your dog needs a vacation too. Guarding your home all day, enthusiastically licking up table scraps, and offering constant unconditional adoration can be exhausting for them. So give them some time off. Treat your dog and yourself to a vacation in beautiful Santa Barbara and book your stay at the pet-friendly Marina Beach Motel.