What Does Winter in Santa Barbara Look Like?

When you think of winter, it conjures images of snow, hot cocoa, and cold weather. But what if you’re somewhere warm? What does winter in Santa Barbara look like? Here’s what you can expect from Santa Barbara’s warm winter.

Surf’s up!

While we have great surfing year round, winter in Santa Barbara brings out the best surf opportunities. Perhaps our worst-kept secret is that winter weather brings better tides for surfing, and with smaller crowds, you can catch more waves at all the best surf spots. And if learning to surf has been on your to-do list for some time, these smaller crowds and great conditions provide the perfect opportunity to learn!

Animal activity

Between whales and butterflies, winter in Santa Barbara really brings their A game in regards to animals. Catch a whale watching tour and spot grey whales migrating through the Pacific Ocean. Winter is also peak season for Monarch butterflies. Visit the Monarch Butterfly Grove in Goleta to see the butterflies up close.

Sunshine days

Santa Barbara gets more sunny days on average than the rest of the United States. With around 238 days filled with sunshine annually–compared to the US average of 205–you can enjoy a few bonus days of sunshine in SB.

Beach hangs

Aside from surfing, our beaches are great for just hanging out. And thanks to our great weather year-round, you can enjoy sitting on the beach even in the middle of winter. While most people might spend their winters huddled inside to escape the cold, winter in Santa Barbara is all about getting out and enjoying the weather. Trade your snowshoes for flip flops and dig your toes into the sand!

And if you want to take advantage of all the beach has to offer, stay nearby! Marina Beach Motel is only 2 blocks from the beach, so you can easily get down to the water for the day.

What are you looking forward to most about winter in Santa Barbara?

Our winters are warm, sunny, and full of great ways to enjoy the outdoors. Take advantage of our complimentary bike rentals for guests and explore all there is to do in our city. You can book your stay online or by calling 855-384-6321.

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