15 Fun Facts About Wine

At Marina Beach Motel, we’re big fans of Santa Barbara wine–and it’s not just because it’s locally made. There’s something about sipping a sweet rose during a sunny Santa Barbara summer that makes us proud to live here. But enough about us. We decided to share our love of this historic beverage by offering you a list of 15 fun facts about wine!

1. Experts are called sommeliers

You can actually get certified to call yourself a sommelier. That sounds like a job we’d love to have!

2. The scent is called a bouquet

When all the flavors of a wine blend together perfectly, making your mouth water, then you’re smelling a good bouquet!

3. Red wine is made with the grape skins and white wine isn’t

You probably thought red wine was red because of the grape used, but it actually has to do with the fermentation process. White wine is fermented without the grape skin, making it white, and red is fermented with the skin.

4. Drinking red wine reduces the risk of heart disease

Red wine has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as antioxidants that aid with heart health when consumed in moderation.

5. California is the fourth biggest producer of wine in the world

It’s right on the heels of France, Italy, and Spain. We do have some incredible wineries out here!

 6. Swirling wine releases its bouquet better

People aren’t just being pretentious when they swirl their wine. It actually helps oxygenate it, making it easier to smell its complex aroma.

7. Global warming may mean the end of wine

If this doesn’t get you on board with saving the planet, we don’t know what will! Even minor changes in climate can negatively affect the grapes, making it impossible to make good wine out of them.

8. Oenophobia is a fear of wine

We don’t know how anyone could be afraid of wine, but apparently, it’s a real thing. You probably shouldn’t come to Santa Barbara if you have it!

9. The world’s oldest bottle of wine is from 325 A.D.

It was found close to the town of Speyer in Germany inside of a Roman sarcophagus. You can now check it out in the town’s history museum.

10. “Drinking to One’s Health” was not just a gesture in the past

During the time of ancient Greece, the host would be the first to take a sip of the wine to make sure it was not poisoned. Thus, “drinking to one’s health” was quite a literal appreciation back in those times.

11. Serve red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat and fish

When hosting a dinner or ordering at a restaurant, it’s best to pair your wine with the type of food you order. Food that tends to be rich and heavier (red meats) go well with red wine, and conversely, lighter food goes well with white wine.

12. Hold a glass of wine from the stem

While people tend to hold the glass from the bowl, this is not encouraged by wine experts. The heat emitted from you hand raises the temperature of the wine and therefore creating a less quality taste.

13. A dry cork typically indicates a bad bottle

When opening a bottle of wine, you want to first check the condition of the cork. If the cork is dried out, then the bottle was stored improperly and therefore will not be worth drinking.

14. Wine should be stored on its side

While you can having it standing up when the bottle is open, it’s important to keep wine on its side beforehand. This prevents the previously mentioned cork drying, shrinking, and letting it air that could taint the wine.

15. Engineered wine may not be the best idea

Winemakers and consumers are under the same assumption that genetically engineering wine would cause uniformity. This would take away from the originality and ingenuity associated with wine making.

If you love wine as much as we do, book a stay at Marina Beach Motel today. Because there’s nothing like sipping wine on a beach in Santa Barbara!