5 Best Beach Books this Summer

You know that feeling of happiness when you’re sitting on the beach listening to the waves, soaking up the sunshine, and reading a good book? Well, that feeling only works if it’s a good book. But don’t worry! We’ve got your top 5 best beach books for summer 2019. With one of these books in your bag, you’ll be on your way to summer joy!

The Woman in the Window, A.J. Finn

If you’re a fan of suspense and thrillers, this best beach book will be right up your alley. The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn has been compared to Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, and has elements that feel reminiscent of Hitchcock.

This novel focuses on Anna Fox, a New York City recluse whose pastimes include: drinking wine, watching old movies, and spying on her neighbors. One day, Anna spies something that will change her life forever. Venture along this thrilling journey as Anna learns that nothing is as it seems.

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Florida, Lauren Groff

This collection of short stories is perfect for light beach reading. In between stories, go for dive in the water before diving back into these captivating tales. In Florida, Lauren Groff tells fictional stories of various Florida residents. As you get a glimpse into their lives, you’ll realize that these stories are more connected than it might initially seem. This poignant and detailed collection of tales will pull you in deep and you’ll understand why this made our list of best beach books for 2019.

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The Bride Test, Helen Hoang

Helen Hoang’s The Bride Test follows the life of Khai, a man with Autism Spectrum Disorder who has convinced himself he cannot love. Determined to show Khai he’s wrong, his mom flies to Vietnam to arrange a marriage. Enter Esme, who sees this marriage as the perfect opportunity to escape her life and help her family.

But as Khai and Esme get to know each other, they learn that love isn’t always simple. Most importantly, they learn there is more than one version of love. This touching romantic novel has earned it’s place on our best beach books list as it grabs your attention–and your heart.

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Circe, Madeline Miller

Circe, daughter of Hectate, is born into the house of Titans but doesn’t fit in. As she turns from the world of gods to mortals, she discovers her talents with witchcraft. When Zeus discovers Circe’s abilities, he banishes her to an island. On this island, Circe encounters icons of Greek mythology such as the Minotaur, Daedalus and Icarus, and of course, Odysseus. In Circe, Madeline Miller’s retelling of Circe’s story is captivating and suspenseful. As Circe has to decide which she values more: the world of gods or the world of mortals, you’ll be on the edge of your seat beach chair waiting to find out what happens.

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Recursion, Blake Crouch

Finishing off our list of best beach books is Recursion by Blake Crouch. This thrilling page-turner follows NYC Cop Barry Sutton as he investigates the mysterious False Memory Syndrome. This disease infiltrates people’s minds and leaves them with memories of lives they haven’t lived. As he dives deeper into the investigation, the plot thickens with the introduction of Helena Smith, a neuroscientist who is working on a way for people to relive and preserve their memories. An exciting new story, Recursion will have you asking to stay in the sand just a little bit longer so you won’t have to put the book down.

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What are some of your favorite beach reads?

We’d love to hear which books you think we should include on our best beach books reading list! And when you stay at Marina Beach Motel, you’re only 37 steps away from the beach, so your beach reading is never far away!