Best Reasons to Visit Santa Barbara in Fall

The reasons to visit Santa Barbara in fall are endless, but we’ll give you a few of our favorites. At Marina Beach Motel, we feel like there is never a bad time to visit Santa Barbara. With the beach just steps away and non-stop activities, Santa Barbara is a slice of paradise.

Here are the best reasons to visit Santa Barbara in fall


We know that we’re blessed with eternally great weather in Santa Barbara. It’s hard to choose a season that would be a bad time to visit. However, we feel like fall weather in Santa Barbara is incredibly underrated.

Unlike summer time, who is prone is foggy days, months like September and October stay perpetually sunny. With average temperatures of mid 70s and little rainfall, weather is definitely one the best reasons to visit Santa Barbara in fall.


Unlike summer months, where swarms of tourists flock to Santa Barbara, fall months remain relatively calm. Because of this decrease in tourists, there tends to be a large decrease in prices. At Marina Beach Motel, some of our best deals occur in fall, making it even more affordable to book your next vacation.

This also correlates to prices at popular restaurants and bars. With less people roaming around the city, certain places will lower their prices to attract customers to grab a bite to eat or drink at their restaurant/bar.


As falls approaches and comes into full swing, so to does harvest season. Harvest season is that magical time of the year that grapes begin to ripen and vineyards are lush. Because of these ripened grapes, wineries begin to harvest them and start turning these berries into delicious wine.

This is considered the best time to visit wineries, because of the flourishing vineyards and flowing wines. Santa Barbara is considered one of the premier wine growing areas in the country, offering a large variety of wineries to visit. We recommend a wine tasting paired with a beautiful Santa Barbara sunset.

No matter what your reasons to visit Santa Barbara in fall are, you can’t go wrong. With perfect weather and unmatched prices, your vacation at Marina Beach Motel will be remembered for years to come!