Celebrate Independence Day in Santa Barbara

There are lots of things to do in Santa Barbara this Independence Day and people are flocking to this beautiful city to partake in the festivities! From fireworks to dining, there’s a lot to look forward to. Here’s how you can celebrate Independence Day in Santa Barbara this weekend.


Grab your kids or your friends and head over to the Fourth ofg July parade in Santa Barbara! It starts at 1PM on Monday, July 4th. It’s always fun to see all the local businesses and organizations come out and march in this annual parade. Plus they may throw some candy your way!


There are a couple places to see fireworks on Independence Day. There will be fireworks at West Beach after sunset and you can see them at Girsh Park. It’s not a proper 4th of July celebration without fireworks, after all!


There are tons of places to get delicious found on the fourth. Check out one of our featured spots of the week or hit up one of the many vendors selling street food on Independence Day. Whether you’re craving something stereotypically American (i.e. fried with lots of bacon) or you’re looking for a gourmet dish, Santa Barbara has you covered this weekend!

Arts and Crafts

There’s going to be an incredible arts and crafts show at Stearns Wharf on Sunday from 10AM to dusk on Independence day. You won’t want to miss this unique show if you’re visiting Santa Barbara this Fourth of July weekend. Check out the many talented local artisans and maybe even bring home a unique souvenir!

If you haven’t booked your Independence Day weekend stay with us at Marina Beach Motel yet, do it now. There are lots of things to do in Santa Barbara this weekend, so we hope you’ll celebrate Independence Day with us. But regardless, all of us at Marina Beach Motel we wish you a fun-filled celebration!