Featured Spot of the Week: Santa Barbara Zoo

It’s that time again! Every Wednesday, we at Marina Beach Motel present you with a featured spot of the week. We do this to show appreciation for neighboring businesses and attractions, as well as to give our guests a list of highlights for things to see and do in the Santa Barbara. This week, we’re featuring an attraction that’s a no-brainer for families to visit during their stay with us: Santa Barbara Zoo.

Now it may seem pretty obvious to feature the Santa Barbara Zoo, but bear with us! This isn’t just any zoo.

They have 146 species of animals and they have over 500 animals on exhibit there. Whether you’re an animal lover or are just fascinated by them, Santa Barbara Zoo is the place to be!

The zoo is about more than just seeing animals, though. They have a number of tours and educational features that will immerse you in all things animals. Plus there are options for kids and adults alike.

Santa Barbara Zoo is also dedicated to conservation and preservation. This applies to both animals and the environment. It also means that when you buy a ticket to visit, you’re supporting the preservation of endangered species as well as animal research and conservation of the planet.

So whether you’re a serious animal enthusiast or just want to check out some cool species, we highly recommend visiting Santa Barbara Zoo, especially if you’re here with your kids. And if you haven’t yet, book your summer vacation at Marina Beach Motel today!