Jessica Foster Confections: Treat Your Sweet Tooth!

Jessica Foster is a local from Santa Barbara who specializes in creating incredible confections. Her confections are delicious and will leave you wanting more with each bite! Treat your sweet tooth to decadence with these chocolates.

What can I get?

There are so many incredible treats you can find at Jessica Foster Confections! Jessica specializes in creating sumptuous treats from high quality, local ingredients. She has traveled abroad many times, and you can taste the influence of her travels in some of her truffle flavors. We love all of her creations: from truffles to caramels to almond bark and more!

Events and catering

If you’d like to hire Jessica Foster Confections to cater at a special event, you absolutely can! Jessica can create special gift packages for weddings, and can cater any event!

Aside from her confections, she also offers special event and catering options. You can get a s’mores station, where guests can make their own s’mores from all homemade ingredients (yes–homemade graham crackers, homemade marshmallows, and of course homemade chocolate bars). If s’mores aren’t your thing, you can choose to have a hot chocolate bar as well!

Chocolate Club

If you want to receive decadent confections shipped directly to you, join one of Jessica Foster’s chocolate clubs! You have two equally delicious options to choose from.

Truffle Club

With the Truffle Club you’ll receive an 18-piece truffle box quarterly. The truffle flavors in this box will vary, which means you’ll be able to taste a wide variety of flavors! If you want, you can choose to have only dark chocolate selections sent to you.

Chocolate Lovers Club

If you join the Chocolate Lovers Club, you’ll receive quarterly shipments of assorted confections. Expect assorted truffles, caramelized almonds, mint infused truffle sticks, and other indulgent creations!

Truffles package

We at Marina Beach Motel know how incredible Jessica Foster Confections is. So we partnered with Jessica to bring these confections to Marina Beach! Now, you can get these treats when you stay at Marina Beach Motel! Just call at least 48 hours prior to your arrival and order the special Truffles package.

When you arrive for your stay, you’ll have a special box of assorted truffles in your room awaiting your arrival!

And, if you’d like, you can combine the truffles with our flowers package. When you combine these two into the Truffles & Flowers Offer, you’ll get both the box of truffles and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers delivered to your room prior to your arrival!

Are you staying at Marina Beach soon?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to try these delicious confections during your stay! Call 805-253-1328 to order the Truffles or Truffles & Flowers package! If you’re not staying at Marina Beach, why not? We have wonderful amenities, proximity to local restaurants and events, and best of all: we’re only 37 steps from the beach! Browse our rooms here.