Our Favorite Santa Barbara Hiking Trails

Santa Barbara is known for being bike friendly, but did you know it’s home to a number of hiking trails? Hikers of all levels enjoy trekking through Santa Barbara to see the incredible views and gorgeous greenery. Of course, it’s hard to go wrong when choosing which trail to hike on, but we at Marina beach Motel do have our favorites.

Cold Spring Trail to Camino Cielo

We’re starting you off with a more challenging trail, but don’t worry! There are some easier ones listed below if this one is too much for you. This trail is just over 8 miles, round trip and reaches nearly 3,000 feet of elevation. This is a long and tiring trail, meant for the experienced hiker, but it is well worth the effort.

San Ysidro Trail

This is a flatter, easier trail, stretching just 4.4 miles, round trip. It’s an easier trail, which means you’re more able to appreciate the beautiful scenery! Better still, this trail gets lots of shade from trees, so it’s great for hotter days.

Nojoqui Falls Trail

This trail is less than a mile long, round trip, and leads to the beautiful Nojoqui Falls. The trail winds up a canyon until you reach the falls. It’s a short hike but well worth it to see the canyon and breathtaking waterfall.

Jesusita Trail

This is a nearly 7 mile hike, round trip, and climbs to Inspiration Point. it’s a moderately challenging trail, so it should be taken only by the more experienced hikers. However, the strenuous climb is well worth the effort once you reach the breathtaking view at Inspiration Point.

Montecito Peak

Montecito Peak is one of the highest points in the Santa Ynez mountain range. The hike up to it is rather challenging and is just over 7 miles, round trip. But the view is incredible. At over 3,000 feet elevation, you can see miles and miles around at the peak.

Ennisbrook Trail

This is an easy, under 2-mile trail along flat land. It is no less beautiful for its lack of challenge, though! It features spectacular ancient oak trees and quaint stone bridges in an almost mythical atmosphere. Warm weather brings sprays of color to this trail in the form of wildflowers, enhancing the trail’s natural beauty.

If you’re looking for a fun day outdoors, then go for a hike on one of our favorite Santa Barbara County trails. No matter what trail you choose, you’ll certainly enjoy the beautiful scenery and Santa Barbara sunshine. And when you’re worn out, get a good night’s sleep in one of our comfortable beds here at Marina Beach Motel.