Santa Barbara Zoo Summer Fun!

The Santa Barbara Zoo is a perfect summer destination! With plenty to see and do for guests of all ages, plus fun tours, this is a great day trip. So if you’re looking to add extra excitement to your trip, look no further than Santa Barbara Zoo summer fun!

About the zoo

The Santa Barbara Zoo is dedicated to animal preservation and conservation. It’s been serving animals and wildlife ever since August of 1963, and has been a destination for guests for just as long. And now, the zoo has expanded to over 30 acres of land with views overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There’s a reason this is one of the most beautiful zoos in the world! 

What you can do here

There’s so much to do at the zoo! Of course, you can see all the animals and their exhibits. Explore the zoo at your own pace and enjoy all the exhibits. Did you know the zoo has over 500 animals? You could spend a whole day at the zoo and not see it all!

But if you want, you can enhance your visit by taking one of the special tours or enjoying one of the special experiences the zoo offers. One of the most popular experiences is feeding the Masai Giraffes. This memory lasts a lifetime and a portion of each feeding’s proceeds is donated to giraffe conservation efforts as well as local endangered species conservation. You can learn more about the special experiences here.

Getting tickets

You can get tickets online for the zoo here 

Close to Marina Beach Motel

Santa Barbara Zoo summer fun is the perfect way to enjoy a day with family or friends. And, the zoo is only a 6-minute drive from Marina Beach Motel, which is extremely convenient. When you stay at Marina Beach, you’ll be able to enjoy complimentary breakfast each morning and you’ll be only half a block from the beach! 

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