Sipping on Santa Barbara County Wines

Every year, thousands of people flock to Santa Barbara County to taste some of the area’s most prized vintages. Although there are a variety of conflicting opinions on the reason that Santa Barbara County is able to produce such robust, delicious wines, there is one thing that is agreed upon: Santa Barbara County is the place for Pinot Noir.

Santa Barbara County isn’t new to winemaking. In fact, winemaking and winegrape growing in Santa Barbara County stretch back to more than 200 years before California was a state. Beginning in the Mission Era, prevailing over prohibition and flourishing in the modern winemaking era, Santa Barbara County viniculture, like a fine wine, has slowly aged to perfection.

Pinot Noir is not taken lightly in Santa Barbara County. Every year, more than 200 Pinot Noir producers from around the world gather in March at the World of Pinot Noir festival in Santa Barbara. Utilizing locally sourced foods, chefs plan exquisite wine pairings while producers showcase their finest wines for discussion and, quite obviously, consumption.

But it isn’t just the festival that indicates the exemplary level of Pinot Noir that is grown; Santa Rita Hills, a vineyard located in Santa Barbara County, has been voted one of the best regions for Pinot Noir by multiple publications, including the well-known publication, Wine Enthusiast.

So what is it that sets Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir apart from other winemaking regions? It’s all about the temperature. The region is cool – by California standards, anyway – allowing for a remarkably long growing season. Cool ocean air funnels inland and settles on the vineyards, creating the ideal temperature band for Pinot Noir.

But don’t take our word for it – visit Santa Barbara, and learn why we’ve developed such a remarkable winemaking reputation. Looking to get your Pinot Noir to fix? Try Santa Maria Valley AVA or Sta. Rita Hills AVA. You’ll be sure to find the fantastic Santa Barbara County wines that you’re looking for.