The 4 Best Beaches for Seashells in Santa Barbara

Seashell collecting is a classic beach day activity and perfect for any beachgoer. But where can you find the best seashells in Santa Barbara? We’ve narrowed down our list to the best seashell beaches in SB so you can get to collecting!

One Thousand Steps Beach

This beach gets its name from the steps you need to take to reach it. But don’t let those steps deter you! Once you reach the beach you’ll discover sprawling views and plenty of seashells. During low tide, you can hunt along the shoreline or explore the tide pools to discover seashells and beautiful rocks.

Arroyo Burro Beach

Explore this dog-friendly beach and hunt for seashells with your canine companion! You’ll be able to find shells of various sizes along the shoreline, and this beach’s sand is perfect for walking. Take a stroll along the water and find some of the best seashells in Santa Barbara!

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is a smaller beach, but packs plenty of views! Get here early to discover one of the best sunrise views in all of Santa Barbara, and then begin your hunt for shells. Because this beach is rockier than some others, it tends to be less crowded as well. So you can look for shells without worrying about someone getting in your way!

East Beach

You can visit East Beach by the way of a bike path from Butterfly Beach! And if you stay at Marina Beach Motel, you can rent a bike for free to explore. East Beach has plenty to do–from beach volleyball to a nearby restaurant–so if you don’t want to spend all day collecting seashells in Santa Barbara, you’ll still be able to find plenty of entertainment! But of course, it has great shells as well.

Searching for Seashells in Santa Barbara?

Next time you’re searching for seashells Santa Barbara, stop by one of these beaches to explore. You can collect plenty of seashells to use as souvenirs for your friends or as reminders of your own trip. But one thing is for sure–if you’re coming to Santa Barbara to hunt for shells, you’ll want to stay close to the beach! Marina Beach Motel is only half a block away from the beach and offers plenty of wonderful amenities to make your stay beachy. You can book a room here.

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