Top 5 Santa Barbara Summer Beach Activities

Santa Barbara is full of activities year-round. And one of our favorite activities is a trip to the beach. But what activities can you do once you’re at the beach? Our list of top 5 summer beach activities will ensure your beach trip is a success!


Did you know that Santa Barbara is one of the best places to surf? You can get out in the water and ride the waves, or if you’re new to the sport, Santa Barbara is a great place to learn! We have several beaches that are perfect for surfing, so you can grab a board and take your pick.

Seashell collecting

Walk along the shore and collect seashells of all shapes and sizes! Stroll along with family and friends or take a walk alone. Either way, you can bring the seashells home as a memento of your trip or as a souvenir for someone else! It’s a classic activity for beachgoers of all ages.


Sometimes there’s nothing like sitting in the shade and reading a good book. Dive into a new world as you stick your toes in the sand and enjoy the balmy weather. Our list of best summer beach reads can help you find a book if you can’t decide on one.

Sand castle building

Break out your inner child and build a sandcastle on the beach! Have a competition to see who can build the best castle, or even bury each other in the sand. When it comes to summer beach activities, sometimes it’s just about having fun–and sandcastles are always fun!


Coming in at #1 on our list of summer beach activities is relaxing! Take the time on your trip to Santa Barbara to relax and recharge at our beautiful beaches. Lay out your towel, put up an umbrella, and take a nap to the sounds of the waves. Or simply relax and enjoy the ocean view!

Do you have favorite summer beach activities?

When you’re in Santa Barbara, you have to visit the beach! So why not stay somewhere close? Marina Beach Motel is only half a block from the beach so you can experience all your favorite summer beach activities within walking distance from your room.

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