The Most Popular Santa Barbara Wineries of 2015

Santa Barbara has countless excellent wineries and vineyards to choose from, but in 2015 some stood out from the rest in regards to quality as well as service, offering an overall enjoyable wine tasting experience. Here’s Marina Beach Motel’s list of the most popular Santa Barbara wineries of 2015.

Grassini Family Vineyards 

This is a traditional family vineyard, focused on making the best Italian-style wine in the county. In fact, it’s still run by the founder’s descendents and is turning out better wine than ever before. On top of that, they have beautiful rolling vineyards in Happy Canyon to match their incredible wine. So check out this family-run gem during your stay here.

Santa Barbara Winery 

Known for their delectable Sauvignon Blanc, the Santa Barbara Winery has been a local favorite for decades. It was founded in 1962 and has been providing Santa Barbara County with quality wine ever since. It’s won a variety of awards for its wine — and with good reason! The wine is some of the best around, so don’t miss out on this Santa Barbara treasure.

Riverbench Winery

Their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are widely lauded for their rich flavors, which is why these wines are the focus at Riverbench Winery. Their vineyards are located in the Santa Maria Valley, a region known for its excellent climate for growing wine grapes. Their wine is aged in French oak barrels, giving it a more full and authentic taste that you won’t want to miss.

Carr Winery 

All of the wines at Carr Winery are made solely with Santa Barbara grapes because they are dedicated to only creating locally based wines; Santa Barbara is one of the best regions for growing high quality wine grapes. These high quality wines are 100% local and a must-try for Santa Barbara tourists, so check them out today!

Municipal Winemakers 

Their reasonable prices coupled with their focus on making high quality products make the Municipal Winemakers an excellent choice for anyone who wants a taste of local Santa Barbara wine without breaking the bank. They are dedicated to customer service and quality and they offer a welcoming atmosphere to visitors. See why this friendly winery is a favorite during your visit to Santa Barbara!

No matter which winery (or wineries) you choose to visit during your stay with us at Marina Beach Motel, you won’t be disappointed. Santa Barbara is a wine country, offering the best wines around because of its perfect climate for growing healthy vineyards. So check out the wine and book a stay with us today!