Why You Need to Stay near the Beach When in Santa Barbara

Don’t book a room somewhere beyond walking distance of the ocean. You’ll want to be near the beach during your visit. And not just because you’re working on your tan. Here’s why.

Your downtown Santa Barbara tour can wait

The best shopping and dining of Santa Barbara isn’t going anywhere without you. They’ll still be open a couple hours or days from now. But that sunset won’t last, and that gentle breeze feels just perfect for a bike ride down Cabrillo.

We’re within walking distance of Stearns Wharf at Marina Beach Motel, and you might just cruise on over there. Explore the parts of Santa Barbara you can’t find anywhere else!

Staying in a hotel or motel near the beach actually lets you relax

You’re on vacation. Let’s get away from the noises of nightlife and the city.

Fortunately for us, the beachfront area quiets down at night.

…Making it all the easier to fall asleep after a long day of Santa Barbara activities and sunshine.

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What are your favorite oceanfront or beachfront things to do?

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