5 Must-Visit Santa Barbara Beaches

Santa Barbara beaches are truly incredible! When you visit our city, take the time to sit on the beach and enjoy the beauty of the sandy shores. These are our top 5 must-visit Santa Barbara beaches so you can enjoy them on your next trip!

Leadbetter Beach

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This beautiful sandy beach is perfect for Santa Barbara beachgoers! Leadbetter is the favorite beach of many locals, so if you want that authentic SB beach experience, you can’t go wrong here. Sunbathe, fly a kite, build a sandcastle, or even learn to surf–your options are endless!

Arroyo Burro Beach

Sometimes known as Hendry’s Beach to the locals, this is one of our favorite Santa Barbara beaches. Why? Because it’s dog friendly! Here, you can let your pup off-leash to run in the sand and play in the waves!

West Beach

If you want a beach day without committing to only having a beach day, West Beach is for you! The beautiful blue water and sandy shores are perfect for relaxing, but when you want something more active, there are plenty of nearby shops to explore and you can walk along Stearns Wharf to take in the view. This also happens to be one of our favorite Santa Barbara beaches for catching a sunset, so you don’t want to miss out on that experience!

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is perfect for early risers who want to get the most out of their beach day! Get a pre-dawn start to your day and watch the sunrise from the shore before the rest of Santa Barbara wakes up. The views from this beach are incredible, too, so you can spend all day enjoying them.

East Beach

At East Beach, you’ll find plenty to do. Enjoy the sand volleyball courts, picnic tables, an arts pavilion, and even a nearby restaurant! You can also take the nearby bike path to Butterfly Beach.

Do you have a favorite of these Santa Barbara beaches?

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