Learn to Surf in Santa Barbara!

With its sunny days, crystalline blue waters, and sandy shores, Santa Barbara beaches beckon even the most reluctant beachgoers. And it’s the place to learn to surf! When you learn to surf in Santa Barbara, you’ll be taking on the waves in no time! We’ve broken down why, when, and where you should take on your Santa Barbara surfing adventure.

Why should I learn to surf in Santa Barbara?

First of all, our Santa Barbara beaches are incredible. Whether you’re looking for a surf spot or simply somewhere to relax and enjoy the view, we’ve got the beach for you! Aside from our beaches, we have pretty perfect weather! Santa Barbara offers good surf year-round, so whenever you’re in town you can grab a board and get out on the water.

When’s the best time to learn?

Honestly, any time is a good time to learn to surf in Santa Barbara. But, if you’re looking for that truly magical time of year when weather and surf conditions combine to create perfection, then you should aim for the winter. The winter weather brings better tides and lower crowds to our beaches which makes it a perfect time to learn!

What are the best surf spots?

We’re lucky enough to have many incredible places to surf here in Santa Barbara. If you’re looking for our top picks for surfing beaches, check out our list here. And if you’re coming in the winter and need some A+ winter beaches, we’ve got you covered here.

Where can I get lessons?

Well, one of the great things about learning to surf in Santa Barbara is that there are many places you can learn. Some of our favorites include:

Wherever you choose to begin your surfing journey, you’ll soon see the Santa Barbara waters with a surfer’s expertise!

Will you learn to surf in Santa Barbara?

Or will you watch and cheer others on from the shore? Whatever your adventure to Santa Barbara brings, we know you’ll enjoy your time spent here. And at Marina Beach Motel, you’ll be only half a block from the beach so you can get to and from those surf lessons with ease!

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