6 Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Santa Barbara may not be the typical Christmas setting you envision when thinking about the holidays, but it’s full of holiday cheer. We know how to celebrate and get into the holiday spirit better than anyone since we don’t have the traditional snowy backdrop associated with the holidays. Here are 6 ways to get in the holiday spirit in Santa Barbara this season.

1. Listen to Holiday Music on the Beach

Sure the beach isn’t a traditional place to get into the holiday spirit, but with a phone and some ear buds, you’ll be ready for the holidays in no time. The best part is that soaking in the sun is actually good for you, unlike shivering in the snow. It’s the most relaxing way to get into the spirit this season.

2. Get a Christmas Tree

Big or small, artificial or not, Christmas trees are a great way to get ready for the holidays. Charlie Brown knew this better than anyone! Decorate your tree with everything from popcorn strings to glass baubles and you’ll feel ready to sing “O Christmas Tree.”

3. Volunteer for and Donate to the Less Fortunate

It’s important to remember that not everyone has family to celebrate with or even a home to go to this holiday season. Helping the less fortunate by volunteering or donating to charitable foundations is the perfect way to get in the gift-giving and goodwill spirit this holiday season. It will make you feel great and help others celebrate the holidays too.

4. Drink Some Hot Chocolate

Yes, California can be hot. But if you get some fans going you’ll be able to comfortably enjoy a big mug of hot chocolate just like everyone in colder climates does during the holiday season.

5. Watch Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Whether it’s a cult classic like “A Christmas Story,” or a more traditional favorite like “White Christmas,” movies will get you pumped for the holidays with their positive messages and happy endings.

6. Drive Around Santa Barbara to View the Decorations

Just because we have palm trees instead of evergreens doesn’t mean we don’t know how to decorate for Christmas in sunny Santa Barbara. In fact, if you go for a drive around the area, you can see that for yourself. Homes and businesses are covered in thousands of twinkling holiday lights, Nativity scenes, inflatable Santas, and wire reindeer.

So whether you’re joining us at Marina Beach Motel this holiday season or spending your holidays in a more snowy setting, get into the holiday spirit with these tips and let the whole month be a time of celebration!