All Things Pumpkin Spice Around Santa Barbara

It’s true Californians are spared the frigid temperatures come Fall, but we assure you we get a taste of October. Don’t believe us? Then how do you explain our profound affinity for all things pumpkin spice? Below are a few of our local hot spots. We encourage you to tickle your taste buds with these seasonal favorites!

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

We fully accept that loving this pumpkin spice latte is a total cliché. But like the rest of the nation, it isn’t stopping us from indulging in the illustrious brew.

Lilac Patisserie

Lilac Patisserie is top on our list for all things Autumn. They offer a wide range of goodies, from mouthwatering pumpkin pies and cheesecakes to festive, fall themed pastry designs. As an added bonus, this hot spot was voted Top 10 in the nation by the USA TODAY poll as the Best Gluten Free Bakery. They’re offering treats everyone can enjoy!

Savoy Café and Deli

If you really want a slice of heaven, head over to Savoy Café and Deli for a pumpkin streusel muffin. Need we say more?

The Good Lion Cocktails

Located in downtown Santa Barbara, the Good Lion delivers new, seasonal cocktails on a weekly basis. Furthermore, as you peruse the menu, you’re presented with a complimentary seasonal punch bowl which changes on a daily basis. What Fall flavor do you think we’ll be sipping on tomorrow? Maybe pumpkin spice…only time will tell!

What was your favorite Pumpkin Spice treat?

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So, will we see you around town any time soon?