Best 2022 Summer Beach Reads

When you head to the beach this summer, don’t forget your book! Relax in the sand and listen to the sounds of the waves while you read. And with our list of the best 2022 summer beach reads, you’ll be ready to take on long days on the beach.

That Summer by Jennifer Weiner

Daisy Shoemaker has a good life. And yet, a feeling of dissatisfaction starts creeping in. But when Daisy starts trying to figure out why, she accidentally begins receiving a series of emails intended for Diana Starling. As the two women discover the mistake and begin forming a friendship, Daisy starts to suspect that their meeting wasn’t entirely coincidental. Just who is Diana, and what does she want with Daisy?

Beach Read by Emily Henry

Augustus Everett writes acclaimed literary fiction. January Andrews authors bestselling romance. They’re polar opposites living in neighboring beach houses for the summer. And they’re both dealing with writer’s block. Their solution? Swap genres for the summer and each write a book worthy of the other author. Romance, laughter, and fun abound in this light installment on our 2022 summer beach reads list.

The Rehearsals by Annette Christie

Imagine Groundhog Day with a wedding twist. When Megan and Tom head to their wedding weekend, they’re expecting a weekend of love and joy. They’re not expecting their difficult families, years of history, and family secrets to quickly lead to a disastrous rehearsal dinner. And they’re certainly not expecting to wake up the next day in a time loop. As they relive their rehearsal dinner on repeat, Megan and Tom begin to wonder how they’ll escape from the loop–and what happens if they do.

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

Jane is looking for a new start. So she settles on Birmingham, Alabama–a place where no one knows her past, what she’s hiding, and even what her name is. And her job as a dog walker in an upscale neighborhood means no one thinks of her when small trinkets go missing from these homes. But then Jane meets Eddie, the neighborhood’s most mysterious resident. What Jane knows about Eddie: his wife and her best friend drowned in a mysterious boating accident; he’s rich, brooding, and handsome; and she’s falling for him. But can Jane measure up to his lost wife? And if she can, what happens when her past catches up to her?

Portrait of a Thief by Grace D. Li

Will Chen is a senior at Harvard and has it all: he’s the perfect student, the pride of his family, and is a successful art history major who is an artist on the side. But when a mysterious Chinese benefactor reaches out and contracts Will for a dangerous, impossible, and illegal job, Will can’t say no. Suddenly he’s in charge of a heist to steal back priceless Chinese statues, stolen from Beijing centuries ago. If he and his crew succeed, Will is looking at a payday of millions of dollars. If they fail, he loses everything.

Head to the beach with these 2022 summer beach reads

When you stay at Marina Beach Motel, the beach is only half a block away! Grab a book, your beach towel, and some snacks to enjoy a long, relaxing day by the waves. The Santa Barbara beaches offer stunning water views, incredible sunrises and sunsets, and soft sand. And if reading isn’t your thing, we have some of our other favorite summer beach activities here.

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