Donate to Help California Wildfire Victims

Recently, swaths of Southern California have been engulfed in flames. Homes have been destroyed, leaving residents displaced. But the Golden State is determined to remain strong. If you’re interested in contributing to the cause and helping California wildfire victims, here is a list of organizations looking for donations and volunteers!

Go Fund Me 

Red Cross

Ventura County Community Foundation

California Fire Foundation

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The last few days have been tough for California, and it has been heartening to see our state pull together in this time of crisis to support the victims of the fires that have affected so many lives. The California Fire Foundation has been overwhelmed with the incredible number of donations coming in from so many people, and the support that we have received on social media in spreading awareness of our efforts to aid firefighters, their families, and the victims of these fires. However we also wanted to clarify a few things to make sure that everyone's efforts are put to the best use. The California Fire Foundation cannot accept the donation of any physical items, whether they are intended for the firefighters on the front lines or for victims. As other organizations have stated, fire departments have been flooded with well-meaning donations that often cause logistical problems for the men and women who are hard at work on the front lines of the fires. Additionally, our organization is not equipped to distribute donations to the victims of any of the fires, and we ask that you ensure that any donations of physical goods are carefully researched and only given where they are needed and requested. The Foundation's SAVE program provides direct assistance to wildfire victims in disasters such as these in the form of gift cards that can be used for immediate aid. These cards are distributed at the scenes of the disaster, and cannot be applied for or given directly by the Foundation. This program is intended to give direct aid where it is needed most, and cards will continue to be distributed as the fire situation evolves. Any donations that are intended for fire victims should be made directly to the SAVE program, where the funds will be used for the most good. Thank you again for your continued and generous support of the California Fire Foundation, and for the brave firefighters who are risking their lives to keep California safe.

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Los Angeles Fire Department

Humane Society of Ventura County

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MORNING UPDATE: Good morning friends, and thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. Again, for anyone out there who has an animal in our care, please know that they are in good hands and being well cared for. We will continue to care for your animals as long as need be so please take care of yourselves and each other. We are still accepting evacuee animals of all types for both the short and long-term for anyone who may require this service. Please call 805-646-6505 if you need help. As far as general supplies, hay, and feed, our needs are currently met. However we will be posting more specific needs as they come up throughout the day, so stay tuned! We are still requesting volunteers from the general public with specific requirements: You must be 18 years or older and you must have at least 2 years of horse experience. If you meet these requirements, we welcome you to email our volunteer coordinator at the following email for more information: At this time we are accepting donations to our general fund to best serve all the animals in our care. We anticipate many of the evacuee animals currently at the shelter for safe refuge will be relying on us on a long-term basis. We are accepting donations to our general fund on our website at for those wishing to help. Thank you for thinking of the animals during these difficult times. Photo by @simonenoblephoto. #hsvc #ojai #ventura #venturacounty #hillfire #woolseyfire #malibu #fire #animalrescue #humanesociety #socal #805 #LA #LAcounty #losangeles #805strong #donate #malibustrong #animalshelter

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