How to Honor Our Veterans

In the United States freedom is fundamental. But how often do we truly take pause and acknowledge the brave men and women who help to preserve our liberty? This Sunday is Veterans Day, and its high time we stop and pay our respects. Here’s how you can honor veterans and give back to a community that was willing to sacrifice it all.

Pay it Forward

Simple and easy! If you’re grabbing a cup of coffee and spot a veteran, treat them to a latte! If you’re out to lunch, cover their bill. The list goes on. Not only does it show you care, but it feels positively euphoric. It’s a wonderful way to show your appreciation and share a smile.

Train a Service Dog

Whether it’s a physical ailment or post traumatic stress disorder, service dogs can help in the healing process. Offering to train a service dog helps immensely. Don’t worry, if you’re unable to devote substantial time and space, you can always donate money to the cause! One great resource is Doggie Does Good in Arroyo Grande (approximately 1.5 hours away from Marina Beach Motel).

Write a Letter

Believe it or not, your words carry weight. When you reach out to a veteran and say thank you, it resonates. So, take just a few moments to share your everyday joys with the men and women who made it possible.


Whether you’re taking a veteran to a doctor’s appointment, sitting down to chat, or getting involved with the Veterans Assistance Program near it’s a great way to give back. Santa Barbara is home to numerous opportunities of this kind. Here are just a few:

Santa Barbara County Veterans Stand Down

Santa Barbara Veterans Foundation

VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

Veteran to Veteran Volunteer Program

Veterans Support Program

Turn A Light On

Purchase a green lightbulb and let it shine on your front porch! This allows veterans to see first hand all of the support around them.

How do you show your support?

We share photos from S.B. all the time on Instagram and Facebook. We’d love if you joined us!

So, will we see you around town any time soon?