Featured Santa Barbara Restaurant: Jane

When deciding where to send guests for a great Santa Barbara restaurant experience, it’s hard for us to choose. With some many great places to eat, we never want to exclude a restaurant or steer someone in the wrong direction. We always try to ask our guests what type of food they’re looking for in order to give them a better suggestion.

When they ask for a Santa Barbara restaurant that serves killer seafood and delectable dessert, we know exactly where to send them. Jane is serving up some of the best food in all of Santa Barbara. Their warm and inviting ambiance sets the tone as you walk in the door. Hanging lights dot the ceilings and bottles of wine line the walls.

The beautiful fireplace really ties together the room and adds a special feel to this Santa Barbara restaurant. As for the food? The menu is eclectic and full of options. As we stated before, you can’t go wrong ordering anything seafood on the menu. The grilled New Brunswick Salmon is cooked perfectly and is paired perfectly with a mango relish and citrus cream.

While seafood makes sense being next to the ocean and all, they excellently accommodate the carnivorous eateries in the group as well. Their filet mignon is like butter and it goes great accompanied with oyster mushrooms and herb cream.Book your stay and enjoy great food

Now for the most important part of the meal, dessert. If you read any review site it’s pretty obvious that Jane knows how to deliver on the sweet treats. In particular, the coconut cake is what keeps people talking long after the meal is over. Whatever it is they do to make that cake so flavorful and moist, we hope they never change a thing.

As for the name itself, Jane is actually the grandmother of the restaurant owner. A family owned and operated business, this Santa Barbara restaurant wanted to pay homage to the beloved matriarch of the family. While we’re not food critics, we feel like Jane would be very proud to have her named attached to such an incredible eatery.

So if you’re in the mood for a great dining experience with a delicious dessert to really fill you up, head over to Jane restaurant!