Why Everyone Loves Visiting a Santa Barbara Beach

Everyone loves spending time in Santa Barbara, regardless of what they do there. This city is always buzzing with activity! But arguably one of the biggest draws it has for tourists is its gorgeous beaches. Everyone loves visiting a Santa Barbara beach. 

Here’s Why Everyone Loves Visiting a Santa Barbara Beach

First of all, Santa Barbara is the perfect vacation spot. It’s got a great combination of cultural events, outdoor activities, festivals, and more. There’s really never a dull moment here. We at Marina Beach Motel know this better than anyone. At just 37 steps from a gorgeous Santa Barbara beach, we’re in an area full of activity.

Sandy Activities:

There are lots fun things to do in Santa Barbara, but there’s just something about going to the beach that trumps them all. Whether you lie out to get a tan, play volleyball, or have a picnic, a day on a Santa Barbara beach is a day well spent.

Dog-Friendly Fun

Better still, there’s a number of dog-friendly beaches in Santa Barbara, which is good news if you’ve brought your furry pal to stay with you at the very dog-friendly Marina Beach Motel! That’s right, we welcome pets here for just a small additional fee.

Family Time

Our beaches are the perfect place to socialize and have fun. That’s why they’re so great for families. You’ll always see kids building sand castles and teenagers laughing and goofing around. You can even spot celebrities lounging at a given Santa Barbara beach while you’re here.

Romantic Bliss

Plus, if you’re looking for romantic date ideas, visiting a Santa Barbara beach is a good way to go. You can spend time in the sun and spread out a picnic for a perfect date. You can even have your date right outside Marina Beach Motel since we’re so close to the beach!

It’s pretty clear why everyone loves visiting a Santa Barbara beach, just like it’s clear why people love exploring Santa Barbara. So whether you take your kids, your significant other, or your friends, a day on a Santa Barbara beach is always fun!