Featured Spot of the Week: Finch and Fork

Every week we share a featured attraction in Santa Barbara that we recommend visiting during your stay with us at Marina Beach Motel. Though you don’t necessarily have to visit all of our featured spots in order to get the best Santa Barbara experience, you should definitely visit a least a few! This week, we’re featuring a unique restaurant that’s a local favorite: Finch and Fork.

Finch and Fork is an incredible restaurant, made so by Executive Chef James Siao. Siao creates unique California dishes that showcase the area’s diverse ethnicities while using local ingredients.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is the epitome of West Coast elegance, with its wood paneling and sleek design. It’s great for romantic dates or just a fun night out with family or friends. They also serve brunch with homemade juice, mimosas, various egg dishes, and more.

The food offered at Fork and Finch is as diverse as it is unique. People love their deviled eggs, as well as their deliciously juicy lamb burger. Their local smoked trout is also a big hit among guests. Whatever you order though, we’re certain Siao will find a way to make it the best meal you’ve ever had!

Try Fork and Finch for yourself next time you’re in Santa Barbara. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to book your summer stay at Marina Beach Motel and take advantage of our $10 discount while you still can!