Featured Spot of the Week: Lotusland

Welcome to our Wednesday tradition here at Marina Beach Motel, where we present to you our featured spot of the week. We feature everything from dining options to tourist attractions, giving you a working guide of things to do and see while you stay with us. This week, we’re featuring a unique Santa Barbara landmark: Lotusland.

Lotusland is a globally recognized and cherished estate that’s also a botanic garden, located in Montecito, CA. It covers 37 acres and contains over 3,000 species of plants, both native and international.

The gardens were created by a famed Polish opera singer named Madame Ganna Walska, who bought the land in 1941 and turned it into what it is today. For 43 years, until her death in 1984, she turned this stretch of land into something truly beautiful and unique. Though her obsession with gardening led people to label her eccentric, this didn’t stop her from transforming this incredible estate.

Now, any tickets you buy or souvenirs you purchase during your visit contribute directly to the enhancement and preservation of this historic estate. It’s a cause well worth the money, as you’ll realize when you see the gardens in person.

Lotusland is a wonderful, almost unreal place, thanks to its gorgeous layout and plants. We recommend taking your kids, friends, or going alone. It’s a great way to spend the day during your stay with us at Marina Beach Motel. Don’t miss out on this local treasure next time you’re in town!