Featured Spot of the Week: Los Agaves

Every Wednesday, Marina Beach Motel unveils its featured spot of the week. We do this to highlight the many wonderful local businesses in Santa Barbara and to help our guests decide on where to go and what to see during their stay with us. This week we’re featuring an excellent restaurant and local favorite: Lose Agaves.

Los Agaves is an authentic Mexican restaurant with two locations, both of which are under a ten minute drive from Marina Beach Motel. This restaurant offers an elegant dining experience, perfect for date night or dinner with friends.

The restaurant’s interior has a rustic Mexican ambience. It has stone walls, terracotta colored tile floors, iron wall sconces, and colorful paintings depicting pastoral scenes. You’ll feel transported to a different time and place when dining there.

The authenticity doesn’t stop at the interior, though. They have a number of delicious Mexican dishes, even the most simple of which are incredible. They serve homemade tortillas and homemade horchata, and they even have a salsa bar. They also serve a variety of beers and local wines.

Their most popular dish is the Burrito Mojado, which is stuffed with pinto beans and your choice of meat. It’s topped with melted cheese and salsa roja, and is served with rice, guacamole, and sour cream. And for dessert, we recommend trying their homemade flan. It’s a rich and delicious custard, drenched in caramel, that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Overall, Los Agaves offers a charming atmosphere and incredible food. So if you’re looking for authentic Mexican food and an exquisite dining experienced during your trip to Santa Barbara, check out our featured spot of the week, Lose Agaves. And if you’re looking for an affordable, yet comfortable place to stay, book a room with us at Marina Beach Motel.