6 Things to Bring to Santa Barbara

As you plan your vacation, you’re probably worrying about what things to bring to Santa Barbara with you. Though we’re sure you’ve got the basics like socks and underwear covered, we’d like to help you by listing some things you may not have thought to bring. So here’s our list of 7 things to bring to Santa Barbara.

1. A plan

Don’t make the mistake of coming to Santa Barbara without a plan! There are countless things to do, so it’s important to map it out before you get here. What you do really depends on what you’re looking for in Santa Barbara. We have fascinating museums, excellent shopping options, gorgeous beaches, challenging hiking trails, and more. So get some ideas for your travel itinerary by checking out our list of things to do in Santa Barbara. We guarantee it will make your trip more enjoyable and much less stressful!

2. A swimsuit

Obviously you can’t come to sunny Santa Barbara, with all of its gorgeous sandy beaches, without bringing a swimsuit. Whether you’re planning on surfing, water skiing, swimming, or just sunbathing, swimsuits are a must. They’re a staple in every Californian’s wardrobe and they’re essential to many activities here in Santa Barbara.

3. A camera

Whether you’re  a full-scale photographer with a fancy camera or you just take pictures with your smartphone, you should come to Santa Barbara prepared to take a lot of photos. Santa Barbara is full of beautiful places that you’ll want to capture on film and enjoy looking at long after you’ve returned home. Document your trip as much as possible, so you can remember every little moment!

4. An extra suitcase

There are tons of unique boutiques in downtown Santa Barbara and along Stearns Wharf, so we recommend bringing an extra (empty) suitcase that you can use to bring souvenirs home. Even if you just buy a few things and collect some seashells from the beach, it could be difficult to fit it all into your suitcase along with everything else you brought. So bring an extra suitcase to save you from the hassle of trying to squeeze all your stuff into one bag or the disappointment of having to leave some things behind.

5. Your dog

This one may surprise you, but there are a lot of reasons to take your dog with you to Santa Barbara. You can take your dog on hikes, save money from boarding fees, and even stay in Marina Beach Motel with your furry friend. Your dog will love all the beaches and hiking trails in Santa Barbara, and we’ll love having the both of you at our motel!

6. Your significant other

Okay, we doubt you’ll forget your significant other at home, but it’s still worth noting for a couple of reasons. Santa Barbara is the best place for a romantic getaway. It’s full of romantic places the two of you can visit together, like the beaches or wineries. Plus going on trip is a great way for the two of you to bond and get even closer while exploring a new city together.

We hope this list of things to bring to Santa Barbara helps you plan for your trip, but we know you’ll enjoy your time here no matter what you bring. So book your stay at Marina Beach Motel today!