Featured Spot of the Week: Old Mission Santa Barbara

Every Wednesday here at Marina Beach Motel, we share a featured spot of the week with our guests. From restaurants to just cool places to see, we’ve got you covered. It’s our little way of sharing our appreciation of Santa Barbara with our valued guests. This week we’re featuring a spot that is a significant part of Santa Barbara history: Old Mission Santa Barbara.

Old Mission Santa Barbara was founded well over 200 years ago as one of the early missionary efforts of Spanish Franciscans during the colonization of California.

It remains an incredible and beautiful historical landmark with an active parish and fascinating museum, along with a great gift shop. It even has its own cemetery and ancient mausoleum.

The best way to really appreciate the breathtaking beauty of this ancient building is by taking a guided tour. The tours are affordable and the money goes to the upkeep of the Old Mission, so it’s well worth the money.

Many people choose Old Mission Santa Barbara as a wedding venue as well. We can’t think of a better location with more beautiful architecture in Santa Barbara, so we love the idea of holding a wedding there!

Plus, you and your guests can stay with us at Marina Beach Motel for a reasonable price while you’re here. It’s a great place to visit though, regardless.

So book your next stay in Santa Barbara at Marina Beach Motel and make sure to visit the Old Mission Santa Barbara while you’re here. You won’t want to miss it!