Celebrate the Planet at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival

Saving the planet is no easy task, so every year we celebrate how far we’ve come and simultaneously try to find new solutions at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival. It’s a two day weekend event, taking place in every April, to bring together sustainable practices and share innovative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival will be taking place April 16-17 this year at Alameda Park. The event’s theme this year is One World, One Climate, promoting unity in sustainability efforts and raising awareness for the massive issues our climate is facing.

It is hosted by the Community Environmental Council which was formed not long after the first official Earth Day was created in 1970. The CEC is dedicated to finding new and better solutions for both preserving and restoring our planet. Their focus is on energy use, transportation methods, and food systems.

The festival will feature live musical performances, sales booths, and food vendors. Everything sold at the festival, including dinnerware and food will come from sustainable sources and be either recyclable or compostable.

The Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival is a must-see if you’re staying with us at Marina Beach Motel this April. It’s the perfect place to meet like-minded people, learn more sustainable practices, and look to a better future for our planet.