Old Spanish Days Fiesta

Old Spanish Days Fiesta is coming soon! This five day festival is taking place from August 3rd – 7th. Celebrate Santa Barbara’s Spanish heritage with music, dance, and so much more. Read on to learn more about this nearly 100 year old tradition.

History of Old Spanish Days

Back in 1924, there was a push to have a celebration during the summer to attract tourists to Santa Barbara. Being warm all year round, winter visitors were never a problem. In order to attract summer visitors, a parade, rodeo, and a gala celebration were planned. This all revolved around the Spanish heritage from the city’s founders, along with the various pioneers who built Santa Barbara. Fast forward to today and minus the pandemic, Old Spanish Days have been celebrated every single year since then.

Old Spanish Days 2022

Old Spanish Days 2022 is taking place all over the city. Ranging from stadiums to showgrounds to the streets, this event showcases a lot about Spanish culture. Along with traditional music and flamenco dancing, there are mercados (markets) where you can have food and see artisans’ handmade products. The festival kicks off with La Fiesta Pequeña, a historical program, with a small gathering at Old Mission. Then, there will also be rodeo events, including classes and performances. In 1924, the rodeo was the main attraction and continued to grow from the skill of the vaqueros (cowboys). After that, the Historical Parade takes place on Friday. Historical scenes will be reenacted alongside over 600 horses, making it one of the largest equestrian parades in the nation. Lastly, there will be a craft show towards the end of the festival. Therefore, you get a chance to pick up any goodies and souvenirs from this amazing event!

Excited for the festival?

Old Spanish Days takes place from August 3rd – 7th. As you plan your trip, check out Marina Beach Motel. We are centrally located in Santa Barbara and will be close to a lot of the action. And, our complimentary breakfast is a great way to start your festival days off right! 

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