California Wine Festival

Wine is one of the first things that comes to mind when someone mentions “California.” Along with the beach and entertainment, many people would agree that those three aspects of California are iconic and unmatched. Now, imagine a place where you can combine all three of those qualities! At the California Wine Festival Series, you can do exactly that. Read on to learn more about the California Wine Festival in Santa Barbara.

California Wine Festival Series

The California Wine Festival Series actually takes place at four different locations throughout the state during the year. In addition to Santa Barbara, the festival is also hosted by Dana Point, Carlsbad, and Huntington Beach. At each of these festivals, there is a lot to enjoy. Every event has barbecue, fine cheeses, live music, and of course, wine! However, each location puts their own spin on it. Local wineries, breweries, restaurants and artisans and others offer their best products.

Santa Barbara Wine Festival

The 2022 Santa Barbara Wine Festival takes place on July 15th – July 16th at Chase Palm Park. On July 15th, there is a rare wine tasting at the Carousel House. Enjoy limited wines with exquisite appetizers and live music from Billboard charting artist, Tara Macri. Then, on July 16th, the party on the beach begins! Thousands of people will enjoy the sun, drinks and food while the Caribbean music band Upstream plays in the background. And, bragging rights will be secured with the BBQ Competition that will award the “Best Tri-Tip in the 805!” Purchase tickets here so you don’t miss this essential California experience.

Excited for the Festival?

Did you know that the California Wine Festival was voted one of the Top Ten Best Wine Festivals in the US? With products from over 60 different wineries, breweries and artisans, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And, Marina Beach Motel is only a half mile away from Chase Palm Park. Our great location is a good start, but we have so much more to offer. Check us out here!

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