Santa Barbara Midsummer Fun

Santa Barbara is a diverse area with proximity to mountains and the ocean, a laid back city but also bustling. This dual dynamic allows there to be all kinds of activities taking place in our area. And, with the middle of summer coming up, more and more exciting events are happening! Read on to see a few of our favorite midsummer activities in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club

Did you know that polo is played on a field that is the size of nine (!) football fields? Did you also know that the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club is the largest and best polo club in the West Coast? Every Sunday from May – October, watch some of the best players in the world while enjoying the magnificent ambiance. Tickets can be purchased here and start at $30 for the whole day. Polo is not a common sport so we also encourage everyone to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Red, White & Blues Music Festival

The colors red, white and blue are foundational with current American pride, and Blues music is foundational in the state of music today! The Blues have been around since the 1800s and are a huge inspiration for jazz, rock and roll, and even country music. On July 2nd, Buttonwood Winery’s doors open at 12pm for the Red, White & Blues Festival. There will be three live performances that conclude around 4pm. Grab your tickets here and enjoy the live music and food trucks!

Santa Barbara Fourth of July Celebration

The middle of summer usually means Fourth of July celebrations and fireworks. All day at West Beach, the City of Santa Barbara is hosting their traditional celebration on July 4th with music, dancing, face painting and so much more! This family friendly day concludes with fireworks at 9pm and will be the perfect ending to a great holiday.

Ready for Midsummer Santa Barbara?

We hope these few activities inspired you to check out Santa Barbara a little more. When staying in our city, choose Marina Beach Motel. Check out some of our amenities here and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!