The Benefits of our Complimentary Bikes

Nestled beside our patio, not far from the inviting front porch swing, is a guest favorite. It’s an amenity that exhilarates newcomers and enthuses our regulars. It can power a vivacious spirit or soothe a weary mind. It navigates with ease and parks without stress. It allows you to explore by cement or by sand. What we’re referring to is our complimentary bicycles. Even more enticing? The added benefits are free as well

Mental Health Truly, any form of physical activity boosts mental health, but riding a bike outdoors gives you a leg up on other kinds of exercise. For starters, it doesn’t feel like a workout when you’re visiting area attractions. As your adrenaline picks up and endorphins start flowing, you notice a proverbial weight is lifted. That’s your stress dispelling with the wind and your breath keeping rhythm with the ocean waves.

Lung Health With improved lung health you can soak up all that our big city boasts. Believe it or not, venturing out on two wheels in the fresh open air promotes greater lung health than navigating via car. Enjoy!

Low Impact We want to include everyone in your party. Since biking is a low impact form of travel, no one gets left behind! Even if someone is restricted by age – young or old – our surrey bike should do the trick!

Better Sleep Who doesn’t want quality sleep? Scientists speculate reducing anxiety contributes to an increased ability to sleep. We already know biking reduces stress.

Grow Your Social Circle Riding a bike gives you the freedom to converse with others around you. Whether they’re cruising alongside you or walking nearby, it’s a wonderful way to mingle with locals. So, go ahead, expand your social circle!

Where did you visit using our complimentary bicycles?

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So, will we see you around town any time soon?

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