Your Babymoon in Santa Barbara

Preparing for a little one is overwhelming. You’re bogged down by a checklist a mile long and, often, emotions a mile wide. You have nine months – maybe, less – but take just a few days to thank your soul and your body for the hard work it’s, no doubt, putting in. Grant yourself one small favor, the gift of a babymoon in Santa Barbara.

Pedestrian Friendly

The best part about Santa Barbara is the ability to walk from point A to point B with pleasure and ease. Whether you’re wandering through shops or strolling along the beaches, it’s the perfect place to stay active and keep your body strong. Plus, what’s a babymoon without a dose of Vitamin D and Vitamin SEA.

Fine Dining

The selections are endless and, with more restaurants per capita than most cities in the world, all your cravings will be sufficiently and substantially satisfied. From Italian to Mediterranean, Argentinean to American there’s a taste and a style for everyone.

Sunset Cruise

It’s important that you take time to put your feet up, and a sunset cruise is a great way to surround yourself by the ocean while melting into the setting. Here you can soak up quality time with your partner as the sun sets on the horizon. Check out Santa Barbara Sailing for specifics during your babymoon. 

Mellow Mama Massage

FLOAT Luxury Day Spa is less than two miles from the motel. Here you can experience a wonderful Mellow Mama massage treatment designed to “nurture an expectant mother.” You’ll experience comfort and relief from any aches or pains, allowing you to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

What activities did you enjoy on your babymoon?

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So, will we see you around town any time soon?