The Farmer and the Flea Market

The Farmer and the Flea Market is an open air market in downtown Santa Barbara that actually originated in Summerland. Started in 2018, the market combines many of the best qualities of a farmers market and a flea market. Read on to learn more about this market that embodies good vibes.

The Origins of Farmer and the Flea

The market was started by Megan Husbands after she was inspired by people helping each other. Since there were some heartbreaking disasters in 2018, she wanted to continue the good vibes even after the healing began. She then brought up an idea to the citizens meeting to have a combination farmers and flea market. It started off small, but now hosts over 65 handpicked vendors, all pushing the mission and vision of Farmer and the Flea.

The Mission of the Market

The mission of the market is to “cultivate good vibes & weave together a tapestry of creativity and connection amongst neighbors.” This involves 4 core values: community, creativity, connection, and majestic vibes. Community relates to supporting small businesses with your dollars and your presence, like bringing friends, family, or pets! They will definitely appreciate the creativity that goes into picking the many interesting vendors at the market. Being in an open and welcoming environment also encourages connection between vendors and shoppers. You never know what you can find in common with someone at the market, but you can begin with enjoying all the majestic vibes the setup has to offer!

Ready to Explore the Market?

The next market takes place on August 27th, 2022 at 123 E. Canon Perdido St. The market will normally take place every fourth Saturday of the month for the rest of the year, except during the holidays. This is less than 2 miles away from Marina Beach Motel. Visit the market with an easy walk or easy bike ride with our complimentary bike rentals. We hope to see you there!

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