These Are the Top 7 Best Views in Santa Barbara

Where are the best views in Santa Barbara CA? If you want to take in the Santa Barbara scenery and take some postcard-worthy photos, check out our list. 

Driving into town (or out of town), up on the mountains

Get out of town.

The Historic Old Mission Santa Barbara

Holy flowers! And a gorgeous, historic space.

Stearns Wharf

Chowder with a view (and a brew) to cap off a perfect day. Talk about one of the most romantic places in Santa Barbara!

Santa Barbara Beach

Look out at the ocean….

Santa Barbara Beach (again!)

Feeling just beachy. ????

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…Or at the whole city and the mountains.

Any of our Santa Barbara wineries and vineyards

Sierra Madre Vineyards at the beginning of pinot gris season, for one.

Diving face-first into a taco or a tamale

Question: do you think @petit_loup ordered enough food?

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Last but hardly least. And not exactly a view, per se, but still absolutely imperative to your Santa Barbara experience.

In our humble opinion, these are the best views in Santa Barbara — but to each their own.

What are your favorite spots around town? Maybe you want to keep them secret. And that’s cool, too.

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