Where to Eat This Week in Santa Barbara: Americana Edition

We just can’t rest with our restaurant recs. Your average Santa Barbara diner and other comfort food havens don’t rest, either. Whether your day’s all about eating or you’re of a more active mentality… here’s where you’re headed when it hits fifty degrees tonight.

Yellow Belly

Why the long wait? Because it’s worth it. Yellow Belly is good. That said: you should strategically plan your visit. Go for brunch: order the cornbread benedict or their rotating weekend frittata. Go for dinner: you need the beer brat or fried chicken sandwich. It’s worth staying for dessert too, what with that cast iron cookie and unique selection of ice creams (lemon marionberry, anyone?).

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Go long. Because all that chicken‘s coming in hot.

Harry’s Plaza Cafe

It’s the Santa Barbara diner where all locals end up at some point. Since they serve alcohol and comfort food favorites like spaghetti and meatballs, grilled cheese, and clam chowder, you might as well make an evening of Harry’s. But maybe your wallet’s already been busted somewhere ritzy for dinner. Grab a dessert and a nightcap, and enjoy. We recommend literally any of their varieties of pie or the banana split. And ask the bartender what’s good to drink.

Love this place! So beautiful! @santabarbaramag

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Whether it’s a Santa Barbara diner or dive… Stay hungry.

There’s too much to eat. So work up an appetite and hit the town with us tonight.