Why You Need a Beach Vacation

If you’re reading this, we bet you already know you need a beach vacation. But just in case you’re in any doubt, we’ve got you covered! Beach vacations are not only fun, they’re actively good for you. And if you’re staying at Marina Beach Motel in Santa Barbara, we can guarantee it’ll be a stay you won’t forget. That being said, here’s a full breakdown of why you need a beach vacation.

Vitamin D

Taking a beach vacation obviously means soaking up a lot of sun. It just so happens that sunshine provides your body with lots of Vitamin D, which your body needs. Vitamin D can strengthen bones, improve skin, and even offer mental health benefits.

Mood Boost

Speaking of mental health benefits, studies have shown that taking any kind of vacation is a great mood booster. This is related to the copious amounts of Santa Barbara sunshine, but it also has to do with the fact that taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life can be a huge relief. Being out in the sun and doing fun things like hiking, biking, or swimming will make you feel happier and freer than ever before.


Seawater is great for your skin. It has a number of minerals that help improves your skin’s elasticity and reduce signs of aging. So if you want to keep looking younger, longer, then you definitely need that beach vacation you’ve been longing for!

Stress Relief

Taking a beach vacation is probably one of the best things you can do for all-natural stress relief. It gives you a break from your daily stressors while offering calming things to do, like sunbathing, swimming, and walking along the beach. It’s perfect for those who are overwhelmed by daily life and need a little breather.


Taking a vacation has been proven to increase your overall productivity at work. This is because it relaxes you and helps you put things back into perspective. It also gives you something to work toward and look forward to during your long workdays, making you more eager to get things done.

We’re sure you didn’t need all this evidence to convince you to take a vacation in Santa Barbara and stay at Marina Beach Motel, though. You have all the reason you need envisioning a calming Santa Barbara sunset on the beautiful Pacific.