Halloween in Santa Barbara

The joy of Halloween is practically tangible. From jack-o-lanterns to haunted houses, the evening promises a series of thrills and chills. Wondering where can you join in on the spooktacular festivities? In Santa Barbara, the excitement takes place downtown.

Downtown Trick or Treat


This annual event is family friendly and frightfully fun. Beginning at 3pm, trick or treaters can visit any store, restaurant, or gallery displaying Halloween balloons. As you indulge in scrumptious sweets you can peruse the eerie window displays and bask in the fresh coastal air. It’s a wonderful way to bring everyone together and enjoy the favored holiday tradition. The event is open to the public and concludes at 6pm.

Safety Tips


We know that All Hallows’ Eve is an occasion that brings out our inner child, but before we run wild and free, we ought to consider a few safety tips – especially, since we’re headed downtown!

ONE: Adult Supervision

Make sure every young child is accompanied by an adult. With all the downtown activity, we suggest you bring along your nearest and dearest for extra eyes and ears. Not only is a large group more enjoyable, but it promises a positive end to the night!

TWO: Stay on the Sidewalks

Downtown Santa Barbara is known not only for its foot traffic, but its car traffic as well. Staying away from the road is always advised!

THREE: Wear bright colors

Regardless of costume, it’s best to wear some color. This makes you visible and helps to keep you out of harm’s way, especially as it gets darker.

FOUR: Decide on a home base

If you’re venturing out in a particularly large group, we suggest you establish a home base. In the instance that someone wanders off or the group separates, everyone will know exactly where to meet!

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

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So, will we see you around town any time soon?