How to Workout in the Sand

If you like to take your workouts outdoors, The Golden State provides a welcomed retreat from Fall’s cooler temperatures. Fortunately, some of the most beneficial exercises can be done amidst the sun and the sand. Here are our recommendations!

The Benefits

Diet and exercise seem to be the at forefront of so many conversations, so let’s dive right in. In California, we have the advantage of a sandy atmosphere which adds more to the equation. Not only is it padded, creating a cushion during cardio, it also adds resistance, engages smaller muscles, and ultimately conditions the entire body sans equipment. The challenge is anaerobic and aerobic and helps to blast calories in record time.

Beach Yoga

There’s a certain peace and serenity along the coast. Taking that sense of Zen to the sand, only enhances the experience. As you strengthen your body and mind through Yoga, you’ll find that the beach provides an unparalleled backdrop.

Walk, Run, or Jog Along the Sand

Embrace the salty breeze as you walk, run, or jog along the sand. Unlike the pavement, this particular surface is gentler on your body, but also forces your muscles to engage longer during push off. Furthermore, the constant shift in sand grains means you might feel muscles you never knew existed.

Lunge Jumps

Lunge jumps are tough enough as it is. When you take on the challenge in the sand, however, you’re adding resistance. So, engage that core and those quads and watch the calories melt away.

Crab Walks

No, we’re not just suggesting this because it fits the theme. But it helps! As you crab walk across the beach, you’ll notice how it targets your core and activates the smaller muscles beneath the surface.

Do you enjoy a workout in the sand?

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So, will we see you around town any time soon?