Haunted Locations Around Santa Barbara

When October rolls around, our affinity for the dark, the terrifying and the haunted surfaces. If you’re looking for a thrill or you’re itching for an event sure to send chills up your spine, we have a few ideas. Here are three haunted venues in the Santa Barbara area. Don’t embark alone!

Old Mission Santa Barbara


Founded by the Franciscan order in 1786, is the Spanish Mission in Santa Barbara. Not only is there an abundance of history, there’s evidently a plethora of spirits seen wandering the property. The belief is that its graveyard is host to 5,000 pioneers and Native Americans who evidently have some unfinished business they need to sort out.

Hyatt Santa Barbara


At first glance, the Hyatt seems like your typical 1930s Spanish Colonial-style hotel. Below the surface, however, it’s rumored to host a ghost or two. Employees and guests have reported paranormal activity. Lights have been turned on or off and security cameras pick up motion sensor detection in abandoned quarters. Is it our imaginations or did this former WWII hospital leave behind a few souls?

San Miguel Island

Not surprisingly, San Miguel Island sits vacant and lonely – excluding those from the afterlife, of course. Though it remains uninhabited, there are several tours and hiking expeditions available for those brave enough to embark. But if you do, prepare for a run in with the spirit of Spanish conquistador. It’s suggested that you avoid his wrath, which may root in finding the lost treasure he buried before his demise.

Have you witnessed paranormal activity?

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So, will we see you around town any time soon?